Some Web links of relevant or handy website, that either we use to maintaining the Rover P6 V8 or for local motorsport.

(Budget) Historic Rally Car Project
The Classic Rover Forum discussion about our Rover P6 V8

ANICC Calendar
A full calender of motorsport events in Northern Ireland
IMRC Retro Website – Unfortunately no event at the moment, but keep checking.
A local (N.Ireland) website collecting like minded motorsport enthusiasts.
Rover P6 Design Innovations – British V8 Newsletter
Great article about the innovations of the P6, focuses in on the suspension.
A fully restored P6 with plenty of reference photos. – No performance mods ;-(…/bodywork/gallery/index.htm
Exploded parts view of a Rover P6 from Rover Classics
Rover P6 racing car JXD808D – restored


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