Car improvements and Mods

Must do:

  • Fit Rev limiter £100 (can’t believe they are this price)
  • Over haul gearbox; 2nd gear syncro gone.
  • Electric Fuel Pump – Standard mechanical unable to cope with vaporising fuel – Done Jan 2011
  • Heat shield fuel line in engine bay. – Fitted electronic Fuel pump

Should do:

  • Paint bonnet – Done April/May 2015
  • Fit electric fan: Increases power to wheels, faster engine warming and better engine temperature control ~£150

Good to do:

  • DeRust and Paint Car – Done April/May 2015
  • Upgrade engine; Cam, Filters R&N RC-2600 £30×2, Fabricate Cool Box
  • Upgrade Diff; known to have weak output – Done fitted a Jaguar Powerloc
  • Put more brake balance on rear – Done fitted a Jaguar IRS
  • Put an adjustable rear brake bias regulator – Done together with a hydraulic handbrake.

Wish to do:

  • LSD – Fit Jaguar IRS – bought – Done
  • 300hp engine
  • sponsorship
  • groupies

2 Responses to Car improvements and Mods

  1. Hello

    nice to see other people in the P6 rallying



  2. Car Parts says:

    A true classic. This was 1967’s European Car of the Year. I would love to mod this car.

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