This blog is about me, I’m a Rover P6 born in 1974 I’ve attached myself to many people over the years. Currently I’m with two motor sport friends who pulled me from the scrap heap and we do motor sport together.

I’m in way better than I thought I would be at 36years. I was last on the road in 1998, my previous partner took me off the road because of a gearbox failure, he left me to sit outside for a year or two before being rolled into the corner of a disused chicken shed!!! Where I lay until I pulled out free at the weekend.
I know the first job my new friends are going to tackled will be some shell strengthening, despite me being a solid car the welding torch will need be used in anger.

They’ll keep you posted as things progress, time and money are both limited so progress will hopefully be steady but not crazy quick.

Can’t wait, motor sport they say. Then I’ll be pampered…..


One Response to About

  1. Pete Moore says:

    I have added a link to your site on http://www.pete-moore.co.uk
    Hope all is well

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