Back to the body

A quick post with a few picture showing where we are now.

After collecting the doors and wings from the painter I built the doors.


Rover P6 doors

Rover P6 doors

Bare Rover P6

Bare Rover P6

And at Tims the bare car was still being welded. We had intended to spend the day painting and hanging panels but we just kept finding more and more rust as we were preparing to paint. Both front sils were replaced, the two jacking points strengthened and finally both the driver and passenger side floors had repair patches welded in.

welding  Rover P6

welding Rover P6

As Tim welded I painted the D posts,

Rover P6 painting D post

Rover P6 painting D post

and after short break.

Rover P6 Hanging Doors

Rover P6 Hanging Doors

We hung the doors and rear wings.

Rover P6 Hanging panels

Rover P6 Hanging panels

So now we wait again for the painter to catch up, by finishing the remaining panels.

Still no new wheels.

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