Repair the body work

So we are to do the Irish Classic Retro and we are cutting away at the body. We currently have two doors apart and Tim is attacking the rear jacking point. If you remember the car failed the MOT in 2013 for this hole at the bottom of the D-post:

Rover P6 sill rot

Rover P6 sill rot

This was repaired with a quick patch to pass the MOT.


We knew this was only covering the problem which was a large weak area around the jacking point. Now was the time to do the repair which was really needed at the last MOT. Here is what the jacking point looked like before Tim started, which is normally covered by the outer sill, covering unseen sins. It shows that an MOT’d car is not a measure of a solid car. We had stopped using this jacking point as it was just too soft to lift the car.


And once Tim was happy he had got to the solid stuff and added the first repair patch, this is how the car looked:

DSC02238 DSC02237 DSC02236

And few hours later, we had a solid jacking point:


And still to attach the last panel .


Were now confused to how this panel goes on as the original repair, done by a previous owner, was so rotted we have pictures of what this corner should look like!!

We are also attacking the doors and have cut away the rear wheels arched to fit fatter wheels. More to post in the next few days.


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2 Responses to Repair the body work

  1. Tim Egan says:


    Loved your account of the rebuild but could you please tell me how do you remove the inner door handle and window handle


    Tim Egan

    • p6v8 says:

      Have a look at the page
      I love the way the way the fixing is hidden, but annoying when you can see what your doing. You’ll need a stiff wire, like a wire coat hanger. Put a small U hook on the end and hook round the the clip, shown in the photo, and pull the clip towards the handle.
      To put back, with the clip in the handle and just push the handle back over the shaft, the clip will expand and clip into place.
      Good luck, I should bring this blog up to date as more good things have happened to the Big Brown Rover. It should be an active summer.

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