TDC 2015 – Irish Classic Retro

I’ve not posted since Boxing Day 2013, you’ll be happy to know the car is still with us. In the last year it’s done a few miles but not much competition driving. This post is due to the fact that we’re about to start preparing it for the Trials Drivers’ Club Irish Classic Retro in April. Today the entry fee was paid, so it should all steam ahead, but just after paying the entry Tim heard that he was to travel for work over the same weekend in April as the rally. One way or another the car will do this event and hopefully with Tim driving.

We have a short list of things to do, however they are big jobs:

  • Repair the body work and paint the car.
  • Fit a rear ARB
  • Fix Engine and Gearbox mounts. (Mount solid)
  • Tighten the Diff
  • Obtain a full set of new tyres


  • Big engine and electric cooling fan.

So here’s to the first of a few posts this year.

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2 Responses to TDC 2015 – Irish Classic Retro

  1. Johan says:

    nice to hear from you again !

    • p6v8 says:

      Thanks guys. I like what you are up to. I’ve just had a good look at your rear wheel arch removal. Tim is interested in the power steering. Keep returning to see what we copy!

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